On Approach at El Centro

On the second day of the tour we set off from San Diego and after a few hours drive into the desert we reached NAF El Centro. The requested base tour was cancelled the week before due to there being “special operations” at the time. So after checking with security at the main gate we set off for the road at the 026 runway. It was not long before the first aircraft came into view, An RAF Merlin one of three stationed there for some hot ‘n’ high training. A steady stream on T-45 Goshawks doing circuits continued during our two hour stay. We saw at least 15 on these on flying and parked up on the apron. Then came the first of the F-18 Hornets from VFMA -122 "Werewolves" from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina. We saw at least 10 of these with more unidentified on the apron. Four Seahawks landed but were too far away to identify. Also on the apron was a Navy C130.

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